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01 January 2019 @ 11:51 pm
Welcoming 2019 by watching Kouhaku and Johnny's Countdown is a treat but it is also sad to see Tackey and Tsubasa's last stage esp. that FourTOPS reunited just for this. I really cried a lot during their performance because I could remember how they were before debut and Toma and Yamapi were holding back tears during the end. Tackey is like a mother to Pi and Tsubasa is like a father to him so it must be hard to see them retire esp in Tsubasa's case. Them retiring together is "very them" they can't perform fully without the other. It's like Tackey don't want to perform if Tsubasa can't perform anymore. I wish Tsubasa to recover and live a normal life with his condition and still be able to have music in his life. As for Tackey, I wish him more success in his new career behind the camera. I wish FourTOPS will have an album and somehow continue the legacy that Tackey and Tsubasa taught them.
Job well done Tackey and Tsubasa. You both worked hard and showed us true entertainment. Thank you.